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’tis the season…

’tis the season for stemware filled with holiday cheer so it’s a perfect time to share this cocktail – a ginger bourbon fizz [and here is where you can download the pretty nifty recipe card]. this is one of my monthly cocktail shoots that I do with maggie of eat boutique for snippet & ink…it’s the perfect marriage – maggie creates, I shoot, then I add to my arsenal of recipes. this is very similar to one of my favorites that also uses the smoked bourbon sugar, which is pretty much to die for especially when paired with the thyme. keep an eye out on the S&I blog as another delish sip is posting this week!

an afternoon with Christmas Tree Santas

I was introduced to Christmas Tree Santas at a small community fundraiser – I was so moved by what they are doing that I offered photography coverage of their 1st [of 3!] Christmas tree giveaways this season. I think that I fit into the category of most – thinking of those in need at the onset of holiday season – donating coats, canned goods, or Christmas presents for children of local families…and the regular deposits into the salvation army bucket every time I pass one. so it never occurred to me that the seemingly simple process of purchasing a Christmas tree could be out of reach for those fallen on hard times. and how the absence of that tradition could create a more difficult holiday for the children of those families. Christmas Tree Santas estimates that they will give away 500 trees this month in Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Georgia. they work with local agencies to determine those in need, and the families are given vouchers for their tree and also leave with a stand and a bag of ornaments. on the day of our 1st snow, families were  greeted by santa, candy canes, trays of cookies and treats, and lots of amazing volunteers that gave hugs, helped to select trees, ran chainsaws, and tied trees to cars. and the cars………they just kept coming……..a reminder to be thankful for what we have, and for what we are able to give. there was a bit of magic in the air blowing around with all that snow and I was truly moved by the spirit of Christmas.

nikon F100 | 85mm 1.8 | kodak portra 160 | film processing + scanning donated by The Finer Image



what I love about maggie

As you may know, I’m a contributing photographer for Eat Boutique founded by the lovely miss maggie.  Many of our shoots take place in her kitchen which is beyond inspiring for a want-to-be foodie, like myself.  Maggie’s kitchen has the feel of a food “apothecary” – shelves lined  with bottles +  jars of her amazing concoctions.  A food chemist extraordinaire.  Maggie and I share a mutual love for all things with bubbles and I’m very much looking forward to our cocktail shoot this weekend….can’t wait to see what creations await!

*these images are from our last shoot together, here.

Nikon F5
50mm 1.8
Kodak Portra 800

studio on tour – Chive Events

oh Chive, how do I love thee, let me count the ways…an afternoon filled with some shooting + some sampling.  it was perfection.

I was truly amazed at the experience the women of Chive provide when hosting a new client for a tasting. Thank you for inviting me into your kitchen…and many thanks to Suzanne + Luke for allowing me to peer through their wedding planning window and capture some of that process!

Contax 645 + 80mm 2.0 + Kodak Portra 800
Nikon F5 + 50mm 1.4 + Fuji Superia 800 {a consumer film}