jet setting

I’ve recently returned from a week abroad…to Paris and then a quick jaunt over to Copenhagen for food-related editorial work for both online + print. and of course, when I say *jet setting* it’s very tongue in cheek…as glamorous as it may sound, the reality is that it’s a lot of jet lag, shlepping of equipment, harried schedules and the list goes on. the silver lining is that, of course, the experience…seeing the many nooks and crannies of Paris that are not flooded with tourists, the *best* croissants, the light rain after spending an evening in a Parisian cafe off the beaten path…j’adore. and one of the highlights – shooting + dining at Noma, recently awarded the best restaurant in the world. it was an indescribable experience {hence, why I am thrilled that I don’t have to articulate it – that’s Maggie’s job!} and though I fancy myself a food photographer, I am truly just an aspiring foodie, with an emphasis on *aspiring*.

more imagery to come…in the meantime, hoping this sneak peek holds you over.

top -
Noma, Copenhagen
Contax 645 80mm 2.0
Portra 400

bottom -
out + about in Paris
Nikon F100 50mm 1.4
Fuji 400H


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