everything is better with butter

I had the amazing opportunity to travel to vermont this spring to cover a story on diane and her small herd of jersey cows at animal farm in orwell vermont. diane produces small-batch butter for a handful of the finest restaurants in the world…and spenser magazine featured my story + imagery in their most recent issue. I won’t give away too much here, so head over to read this inspiring taleĀ starting on page 55. a true gift from this visit is the butter + buttermilk that diane sent me home with, *the* same butter + buttermilk that I watched her create…a true treasure as the butter is not readily available for sale. I gave a portion of my butter loot to my dad…I drove up to the white mountains in NH on the morning of father’s day and delivered the butter with a fresh loaf of bread for an elevated version of simple toast. the remaining butter is waiting in my freezer as I contemplate an occasion special enough to use it. with her buttermilk, I made a batch of peach ice cream that’s featured in her new book, TheĀ Animal Farm Buttermilk Cookbook…it was beyond my expectations so stay tuned for an upcoming post on eat boutique with the recipe + imagery too!