ever mine, ever yours, ever ours.

The eve of Hurricane Irene – a tented wedding in the path of the storm…we watched weather radars, dodged downpours, skirted puddles, kept nerves in check, changed itineraries, and rolled with what Mother Nature dished. ¬†Bayley + Jon – you threw one hell of a wedding despite of it all! Congratulations to you both…and thanks for having me along for the ride. ¬†Cheers, Heidi


7 thoughts on “ever mine, ever yours, ever ours.”

  1. Thank you so much for all your patience and help through what could have been a bad day, you made it beautiful!! can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures, these are amazing! You’re the best Heidi.

  2. Heidi beautiful as always, so excited for jon and bayley these are gonna be great memories captured. thank you so much for all u do!

  3. Bernadette & Jen – no, thank you…I have SO enjoyed being the “unofficially official family photographer” through all the weddings, pregnancies, new babies….I feel like part of the family! xo, H.

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